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Sending v2

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Sending is an analog delay that melds the archaic voice of bucket brigade devices with a fully modern toolbox of digital control. It embraces the character and idiosyncrasies of the medium while delivering high quality sound and performance-friendly features worthy of the modern musician.

Using two MN3005 BBDs and comprehensive analog processing techniques, Sending can delay a sound up to a full second without clock noise, and it can be pushed to even longer times for compelling sonic degradation. At the input is a discrete preamplifier capable of subtle enhancement or warm saturation that melds perfectly with the delay line. A dual-mode feedback filter shapes the repeats into deep pulses or dub-style bright echoes. Its flexible LFO engine can modulate the delay time to create gentle movement or musical chaos. Conducting this analog ensemble is a 32-bit, 100MHz processor granting deep user control, preset functionality, and MIDI access to every parameter.

Sending is our love letter to the antiquated yet enduring technology of analog delay. As you explore its many shades of interplay between past and future, we hope you find it as immersive as we do.


Each knob has a primary and secondary function. Access secondary functions by pressing Shift once. Press again to return the panel to normal.

    Time: delay time from <5ms to 1 second

        Div: tempo divisions

    Color: adjusts preamp gain while keeping level consistent

        Trim: adjust volume up/down by 6dB

    Mix: wet/dry blend

        Mix Mode: Sets Mix knob as a crossfader between wet/dry or as a delay level control only

    Feedback: sets the number of repeats, from one repeat to self-oscillation

        Swell time: adjusts speed of feedback swell when Tap is held

    Filter: cut lows or highs in the delay line

    Rate: LFO rate

        Chaos: LFO randomization

    Depth: LFO intensity

        Shape: Set LFO waveform

    Preset Select Buttons (I, II, III): long press to save a preset, short press to recall

    Engage Footswitch: turn effect on/off. Hold for 2 seconds to change the bypass mode.

    Tap Footswitch: tap to set the delay time as a running average. Hold to ramp feedback up to max!