About Us

STOMPBOX SONIC provides musicians with an extensive tonal palette for auditory exploration. Specializing in effects pedals (aka “stompboxes”) built by companies large and small, some locally crafted, some collected from around the world.

Our goal is to ignite the creative spark and help you navigate all those switches and blinking lights to bring your music to life.

Since 2009 guitarist, songwriter, and noise maker Adam Brilla & artist, educator Jennifer Turpin have been working with sound based artists and musicians of all genders & genres. Using their drive for exploration and years of experience to help others discover the sound they are after. Missing that “hands-on” approach that Youtube demos alone can’t deliver, fostering an inclusive community that chain stores and online retailers are not equipped to provide,

STOMPBOX SONIC will work with you, to find the right effect(s) to fit your project.

To learn more about what we do and to see even more effects take a look at our full website,

COVID-19 Update:

At this time, in-person events, one-on-one consultations, and on-site are on hold. But we can still connect virtually. Email us at info@stompboxsonic.com to schedule a virtual Sound Tasting Effects Consultation.


You can reach us at info@stompboxsonic.com or 857-222-7310.

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