Particle V2

Particle V2

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Particle 2 is a complete redesign, incorporating many improvements for live use and better sound quality.  The enclosure is smaller, 3” wide with all jacks on top.  127 presets can be stored.  The active preset and bypass state are remembered, eliminating pre-show adjustments.  Delay time has been extended from 900 ms to 2500 ms, at a higher sampling rate.  Tap tempo allows delay time, LFO rate, grain size, and density adjustment with independent note divisions.  The expression pedal is assignable to any combination of knobs, and our DIY-friendly Remote 4 switch allows foot control while the Particle sits at table height for knob tweaking.  The eight modes can be combined to explore more granular synthesis territory, and MIDI (via USB) gives access to additional parameters.


3 pitch modes: detune, density, LFO
5 delay modes: random, density, LFO, random pitch, reverse
Adjustable grain size and density (inter-onset interval)
Pitch shift +/- 1 octave
Delay 0-2.5 seconds
Feedback with adjustable lowpass filter
Auto-freeze/stutter with adjustable threshold
Tap tempo/momentary freeze footswitch
Independent tap divisions for different parameters
Soft touch bypass (momentary or latching), user replaceable
Stereo input/output (TRS)
Assignable expression pedal or remote footswitch port
Additional parameters via USB MIDI
Presets (4 on front, 127 via MIDI)

This Red Panda pedal is assembled in Detroit, MI USA.