GCI Bad Larry

This GCI Bad Larry from is from a limited run in June 2022. Sports steel enclosure, hand welded by  Dusty Hanse, acid etched by Brad Macomber of Nerdknuckle Effects.

From the GCI Website:

Inspired by Rat and Muff circuits and with a new old stock LF351 at its heart, Bad Larry forges its own path through a forest of daggers into a putrid sea of grime.  A favorite around the studio for clanky bass, it's also fun for thick, saggy fuzz tones.   

"Bass" switch affects how much low end is allowed into the clipping stage.

"Clip" switch changes between hard clipping, boost, and bass boost modes.

"Mid" switch affects the character of the Muff-style tone stack, allowing for the traditional mid cut sound, as well as flat and boosted mid responses.

+9v center negative operation only.